Welcome to Goblin Bashing Studios! We are an Indie Game Development company, committed to producing quality gaming to the indie sphere. While our Headquarters is based in the Common Wealth of Virginia, our diverse team of driven developers hail all across the U.S. and the world!


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  • Darrell Hooper CEO

    Our mission at Goblin Bashing Studios is to create interactive stories to touch the masses. To accomplish this we guarantee to our consumers that our products will be priced fairly, and have the highest amount of quality. We go above and beyond to insure our that we take our customer compliments and complaints to heart, and solving any issues quickly and effectively.

    Here at Goblin Bashing Studios we follow our fundamental Core Values: Integrity, Respect, Quality, Fairness and Love. With these values we strive to create products and titles that are superb while exceeding expectations.

    —Darrell Hooper CEO

    Darrell Hooper CEO